2005 Hyundai Tucson – my car

He often talked about success story of Hyundai and how they turned their fortunes around in North America, is by now a well known tale their presence is felt in several market segments and now reaches into the small SUV group with the all new to sign available with either 4 or 6 cylinder power and driven by either the front wheels or electronic, 4 wheel drive system that sense as much as 50 percent of the available power to the rear wheels the to sign can be configured and outfitted to fit a number of needs. You can even lock the Tucson and 4 wheel drive mode for a consistently even 5050 power split something several of its competitors lack.

 Hyundai TucsonMy test Tucson is a loaded TLS V6, 4 wheel drive model with the addition of a power sunroof bringing the total price to 22 0 to 49 in traditional Hyundai fashion that low price gives you a litany of standard features for both convenience and safety including front side and curtain airbags traction control stability control and electronic brake force distribution for the 4 wheel discs. That alone is an impressive list but the Tucson is much more than a bargain it’s the Santa fe’s not so little brother that improves Hyundai’s gene pool with solid structure engineering comes with an available 2.7 liter V6 engine with 173 horsepower that feels much better suited to the 2 sounds lighter weight and tiger dimensions. LED headlights http://gaslightsalon.com/hyundai-tucson/headlights.html and xenon bulb. And has the driving refinement that Hyundai has typically put on the back burner in favor of lots of goods at a low price.

And beyond that the Tucson has clever design features that make it as utilitarian as any of its competitors rear seats fold flat and easily so the front passenger seat folds flat in either direction for a better place to eat your lunch or for a cheap hotel room the cargo area feature segregated storage areas buried within the floor and standard roof rack side rails. Now the 2 sign costs only $1700 less than the bigger Santa Fe we don’t think of the 2 sun is being much smaller there’s actually more people space in the Tucson with its longer wheelbase wider track and taller height the Santa Fe gives you more cargo room and offers a more powerful 3.5 liter V6. Plus the 2 sound fields looks much more spry it compares quite favorably overall for the for escape but with more standard equipment and for about $3500 let’s. Drive time on court TV on Steve hands.


The guys is going today really changing some balls on this board fusion presidency. Bill 2011 ford fusion headlight there at the greatest we don’t have moderate now but they really aren’t softball dark so we go in here your first ball was way back here itself if we show every year showman going in the side you gonna have totuck your head in there and there’s going to be this. It’s Robert Kapp. Whichever you take it off but you slip your hand in there and you pop that off the back of the light.

2011 ford fusion headlightSo imagine this was on there your profit off the back of article that out sort of drop it and then what you do is you will feel the light if youlook 2011 ford fusion headlight. I just back up a little bit rate here so they could see my hand in there so I’ve wrapped my arm into here and then you turn the ball which is in here willbe in there like so. And then when you pop little Ford’s. Well buried here and you’ll see that the clip. To the old 2011 ford fusion headlight. Flaps letter on here you have to move them off without your nail or something and the ball pops up now you probably wondered why is he wearing gloves because you don’t want your fingers oils to be on there.

Your finger oils are on here it can cause the ball to burn out self. Next time I’m gonna have you decide we’re gonna go over here really quick because the sides a little harder agency you ever written your radiator reservoir rate here. And there’s 210 billboards 1 goes here 1 goes here then yeah they’re over here but if you look at us. W. 10000000 to 10000000 you need a deep soft pop them off you know lift your reservoir up like so so it’s just a little higher headlights. And then you take your hand like so and slip it inside down here pop up another when those big plastic caps that you feel twist the bald and now you can see it’s all barbs.

And now you just gonna put put your new ball been there put it back in twisted and it goes back on that’s how you access these bulbs to little bit more difficult but yeah so headlights. That’s all you gotta do for switching these out. So I hope this video hope to go. Press like but if it did of course subscribe for more videos on this car thanks again and have a great day.

Indication of failure of the fuel vapor recovery system

fuel vapor recovery systemThese recommendations apply to all the modifications of the cars Honda Civic of 2006-2011 production year, except for Si and GX.

The indication of malfunction lamp can be confirmed by the diagnostic error code P2422: ventilating shut-off valve of the fuel vapor recovery system jammed in the in the closed position. The probable cause of breakage is the contamination of absorber ventilation pipe.

Honda recommends replacing the absorber ventilation pipe to repair the damage.
The models of 2006 production year require P/N 17744-SNA-A10. The models of 2007-2011 production years require the installation of the pipe P/N 17744-SNA-A01.

The implementation of repair:

Lift the car on the elevator, take off the lid of the absorber and find both ends of the absorber ventilation pipe.
Take off the mounting clamps of the ventilation pipe; disconnect it from the absorber and the racks on the bodywork.

Remove the left front bolts of the clamp, supporting the fuel tank. Then loosen the rare bolt.
Extract the absorber ventilation pipe and install the new one.

Install the left front bolt of the clamp of the fuel support and tighten all the fastening bolts with the force 38 N*m.

Connect the ventilation pipe to the absorber and fasten it on the body. Fasten the ventilation pipe with the 2013 honda accord touring headlights mounting clamps and install the absorber lid.

Remove the diagnostic error code, and then start to check the efficiency of fuel vapor recovery system in the diagnostic test mode.

The principle of pre-heater work.

The principle of pre-heater work.Feature of plugs electric heater is the gradual heating of the internal combustion engine, by increasing coolant temperature. Pre-heater after the connection to the network, can warm up to operating temperature, antifreeze and engine for an hour. At the same time oil gets normal viscosity, and the engine starts easily in the summer.

Thanks to pre- heater we can save fuel in winter, as using do not need to spend time and fuel to warm up the engine. In addition, it allows the engine to start in power saving mode, helping to increase its life.

Autonomous heaters produced by any company are absolutely safe. They consist of a thermostat, which in case of excess temperature produces automatic shut-off device. In addition, this protection device is designed so that in case of an insufficient level of coolant in the system, the heater just doesn’t turn on.

Select the original spare parts from the manufacturers

Buying a car, every car owner wants his “faithful assistant,” will serve as long as possible, without the need for repairs, but sooner or later, even if the need for routine maintenance occurs. And it does not matter what kind of car you have purchased a “European”, “Japanese” or “American” brand.

original spare parts

Motorists with experience trying to choose the original versions. The advantages of original parts are undeniable: the high quality of manufacturing, the corresponding with model cars, meticulous manufacturer’s control over the quality of the products, various types of optional equipment. There they and shortcomings: a high cost and the lack of sufficient private offerings in warehouses. In such cases, the stores offer to make reservations, which will have to wait a few days and sometimes weeks. You can use the selection of auto parts through online resource as an alternative option.

Glasses for drivers: is this necessary accessory?

Choosing glasses for driving, motorists often are heart that you can’t use normal sunglasses. Of course, this information primarily comes from the sellers and the producers, but maybe there is some reason.

Glasses for drivers

Firstly, the motorist glasses must have a special coating to protect from the sun and glare of light.

Secondly, the driver’s glasses should not obscure the surroundings. This affects on the eye fatigue and deterioration in response to what is happening. They have contrary to “enlighten” everything. This effect is achieved by using a yellow-red lens.

Among ordinary sunglasses also there are models with anti-reflective effect and the small lens shading. If you can find a similar instance, then why not use them while driving. But it is much easier to choose glasses in a special place where the choice of models is much larger, and the price range – acceptable.

Car fan – saving from heat

You should admit that in a strong heat, when the air temperature in the car reaches the critical maximum, it is very difficult to control the road situation. Not all car owners can afford to install additional cooling equipment in the car. The air conditioning is expensive, and its installation takes a lot of time. The solution of this situation is a car fan.

Car fan

The working principle of the car fan is no different from that of the standard one. The only difference is the mode of attachment. The models, intended for the use in the cars, are equipped with the special striker for a safe fixation. It is conditioned by the fact that this device is intended for the use in harsher conditions. The most popular fasteners are the suction cups and the pegs. The power supply is used instead of the lighter.

You should pay attention to the following factor. Some models of this production are designed for 220 V. That’s why you’ll have to buy a converter of voltage. It will help you to get the necessary voltage for your car.

The car fans are made of durable material, less vulnerable to the aggressive environment.

It is much easier to buy the car fans than to refuse from the comfort, provided by this source of freshness in hot summer days.

Car headlights

Car headlights.

The central position in the electrical lighting system of any car is occupied by headlights. At night, they light up the road ahead of the car and are detection means of cars for other drivers, as well as your intentions in the process of moving.

Car headlights

Dipped headlights are basic traveling in the dark. Their light is characterized by an asymmetrical character and stretched along the right side of the car, and have a light border.

Such parts as distant lights ensure maximum visibility of the road in the dark, but their use is limited because of the dazzling other drivers. The increased efficiency of the vehicle high beam is achieved through an adaptive lighting system.

Lights of modern automobiles are a complex technical system, and we can say so, even a work of art. These components for each individual car model and depending on the equipment may have several configurations. Classical headlamp design includes a light source, a reflector and light diffuser.