2005 Hyundai Tucson – my car

He often talked about success story of Hyundai and how they turned their fortunes around in North America, is by now a well known tale their presence is felt in several market segments and now reaches into the small SUV group with the all new to sign available with either 4 or 6 cylinder power and driven by either the front wheels or electronic, 4 wheel drive system that sense as much as 50 percent of the available power to the rear wheels the to sign can be configured and outfitted to fit a number of needs. You can even lock the Tucson and 4 wheel drive mode for a consistently even 5050 power split something several of its competitors lack.

 Hyundai TucsonMy test Tucson is a loaded TLS V6, 4 wheel drive model with the addition of a power sunroof bringing the total price to 22 0 to 49 in traditional Hyundai fashion that low price gives you a litany of standard features for both convenience and safety including front side and curtain airbags traction control stability control and electronic brake force distribution for the 4 wheel discs. That alone is an impressive list but the Tucson is much more than a bargain it’s the Santa fe’s not so little brother that improves Hyundai’s gene pool with solid structure engineering comes with an available 2.7 liter V6 engine with 173 horsepower that feels much better suited to the 2 sounds lighter weight and tiger dimensions. LED headlights http://gaslightsalon.com/hyundai-tucson/headlights.html and xenon bulb. And has the driving refinement that Hyundai has typically put on the back burner in favor of lots of goods at a low price.

And beyond that the Tucson has clever design features that make it as utilitarian as any of its competitors rear seats fold flat and easily so the front passenger seat folds flat in either direction for a better place to eat your lunch or for a cheap hotel room the cargo area feature segregated storage areas buried within the floor and standard roof rack side rails. Now the 2 sign costs only $1700 less than the bigger Santa Fe we don’t think of the 2 sun is being much smaller there’s actually more people space in the Tucson with its longer wheelbase wider track and taller height the Santa Fe gives you more cargo room and offers a more powerful 3.5 liter V6. Plus the 2 sound fields looks much more spry it compares quite favorably overall for the for escape but with more standard equipment and for about $3500 let’s. Drive time on court TV on Steve hands.