Indication of failure of the fuel vapor recovery system

fuel vapor recovery systemThese recommendations apply to all the modifications of the cars Honda Civic of 2006-2011 production year, except for Si and GX.

The indication of malfunction lamp can be confirmed by the diagnostic error code P2422: ventilating shut-off valve of the fuel vapor recovery system jammed in the in the closed position. The probable cause of breakage is the contamination of absorber ventilation pipe.

Honda recommends replacing the absorber ventilation pipe to repair the damage.
The models of 2006 production year require P/N 17744-SNA-A10. The models of 2007-2011 production years require the installation of the pipe P/N 17744-SNA-A01.

The implementation of repair:

Lift the car on the elevator, take off the lid of the absorber and find both ends of the absorber ventilation pipe.
Take off the mounting clamps of the ventilation pipe; disconnect it from the absorber and the racks on the bodywork.

Remove the left front bolts of the clamp, supporting the fuel tank. Then loosen the rare bolt.
Extract the absorber ventilation pipe and install the new one.

Install the left front bolt of the clamp of the fuel support and tighten all the fastening bolts with the force 38 N*m.

Connect the ventilation pipe to the absorber and fasten it on the body. Fasten the ventilation pipe with the 2013 honda accord touring headlights mounting clamps and install the absorber lid.

Remove the diagnostic error code, and then start to check the efficiency of fuel vapor recovery system in the diagnostic test mode.