The guys is going today really changing some balls on this board fusion presidency. Bill 2011 ford fusion headlight there at the greatest we don’t have moderate now but they really aren’t softball dark so we go in here your first ball was way back here itself if we show every year showman going in the side you gonna have totuck your head in there and there’s going to be this. It’s Robert Kapp. Whichever you take it off but you slip your hand in there and you pop that off the back of the light.

2011 ford fusion headlightSo imagine this was on there your profit off the back of article that out sort of drop it and then what you do is you will feel the light if youlook 2011 ford fusion headlight. I just back up a little bit rate here so they could see my hand in there so I’ve wrapped my arm into here and then you turn the ball which is in here willbe in there like so. And then when you pop little Ford’s. Well buried here and you’ll see that the clip. To the old 2011 ford fusion headlight. Flaps letter on here you have to move them off without your nail or something and the ball pops up now you probably wondered why is he wearing gloves because you don’t want your fingers oils to be on there.

Your finger oils are on here it can cause the ball to burn out self. Next time I’m gonna have you decide we’re gonna go over here really quick because the sides a little harder agency you ever written your radiator reservoir rate here. And there’s 210 billboards 1 goes here 1 goes here then yeah they’re over here but if you look at us. W. 10000000 to 10000000 you need a deep soft pop them off you know lift your reservoir up like so so it’s just a little higher headlights. And then you take your hand like so and slip it inside down here pop up another when those big plastic caps that you feel twist the bald and now you can see it’s all barbs.

And now you just gonna put put your new ball been there put it back in twisted and it goes back on that’s how you access these bulbs to little bit more difficult but yeah so headlights. That’s all you gotta do for switching these out. So I hope this video hope to go. Press like but if it did of course subscribe for more videos on this car thanks again and have a great day.