Car headlights

Car headlights.

The central position in the electrical lighting system of any car is occupied by headlights. At night, they light up the road ahead of the car and are detection means of cars for other drivers, as well as your intentions in the process of moving.

Car headlights

Dipped headlights are basic traveling in the dark. Their light is characterized by an asymmetrical character and stretched along the right side of the car, and have a light border.

Such parts as distant lights ensure maximum visibility of the road in the dark, but their use is limited because of the dazzling other drivers. The increased efficiency of the vehicle high beam is achieved through an adaptive lighting system.

Lights of modern automobiles are a complex technical system, and we can say so, even a work of art. These components for each individual car model and depending on the equipment may have several configurations. Classical headlamp design includes a light source, a reflector and light diffuser.