The principle of pre-heater work.

The principle of pre-heater work.Feature of plugs electric heater is the gradual heating of the internal combustion engine, by increasing coolant temperature. Pre-heater after the connection to the network, can warm up to operating temperature, antifreeze and engine for an hour. At the same time oil gets normal viscosity, and the engine starts easily in the summer.

Thanks to pre- heater we can save fuel in winter, as using do not need to spend time and fuel to warm up the engine. In addition, it allows the engine to start in power saving mode, helping to increase its life.

Autonomous heaters produced by any company are absolutely safe. They consist of a thermostat, which in case of excess temperature produces automatic shut-off device. In addition, this protection device is designed so that in case of an insufficient level of coolant in the system, the heater just doesn’t turn on.